4 Nos of SPM’s, Six Nos Subsea Pipelines and one riser at Jamnagar, Gujarat, India: Installation Engineering

Activity  Provided Detailed Engineering Support for 4 No’s of SPM, 6 No’s of Subsea Pipelines & One Riser.

Client     Reliance, Jamnagar, Gujarat, India

Place     Aug 2006 to Nov 2006


Based at Design Center at Kuala Lumpur -Malaysia, MR Vision Pipelines provided Detailed Engineering Support for the following Pipelines & SPM project in Jamnagar – Gujarat, India. The project involved detailed design of total 4 numbers SPM, 6 numbers of Pipelines and 1 riser which are;

•             4 X 30” Subsea Pipelines (4 x18 kms),

•             2 X 48” Subsea Pipelines (2 x 20 kms) and

•             1 X 30” Riser at NRPD platform.

Apart from this we were involved in the design of;

•             Platform Riser, Pipeline Crossovers and Tie-in spools etc.

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