BDEP for upgradation of substation & MDB in Jabel Ali terminal for Shell, Dubai

Activity  Basic Design Engineering Package for Upgradation of Substation & MDB in Jabel Ali terminal at Shell Markets (Middle East) Limited, Dubai. 

Client     Shell Markets (Middle East) through Smart Technical Services-LLC

Place     Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Period   Nov’2016 - Jan’2017 


BDEP shall include the following as a minimum but not limited to:


•             BDEP Report.

•             Update the Load List, Update the SLD

•             Calculation for Transformer Sizing

•             Transformer Data sheet

•             MDB/MCC Panel Data sheets

•             Update Substation Electrical Equipment Layout

•             Calculation for cable sizing

•             Electrical Cable Data Sheet& Electrical Cable schedule

•             Update existing Electrical Cable layout & Earthing layout drawing

•             Electrical MTO