Control Logic Philosophy for Sewage Lifting Station at GASCO BuHasa

Activity  Engineering service for control logic philosophy for sewage lifting station

Client     GASCO through EMCO

Place     Abu-Dhabi, U.A.E.

Period   April 2017 – May 2017


GASCO has awarded the EPC contractor EMCO for carrying out plumbing works with regard to foul water drainage system connected through a series of gully traps & manholes to a Sewage Lifting Station and the discharge from the Lifting Station shall be connected to a Pressure Reducing Manhole (PRMH) which is then further connected to the existing sewer drainage network at MH4 of the Buhasa plant facilities for treatment in the existing Sewage Treatment Plant located in the south side of the Buhasa plant.


The objective of the Foul Water System is to collect the sewage from the Maintenance Workshop & Painting Workshop to a Sewage Lifting Station and pump the sewage to the existing MH 4 which is connected to the Sewage Treatment Plant located in the southern side of the Buhasa Plant as per GASCO requirements.  EMCO engaged MR Vision to define the Control Logic Philosophy for the operation of the Sewage Lifting Station.

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