Engineering Services for Installation of The Autoclave #4 For Strata At Al Ain

Activity  Engineering Services for Installation of the Autoclave #4 For Strata at Al Ain

Client     Strata thorough Unimarine, Al Ain

Place     Al Ain, U.A.E.

Period   May ’2016 - Sept 2016



  • Prepare Process Flow Diagram indicating Heat & Material Balance
  • Prepare PID for the Cooling Water System, Vacuum System based on the OEM Vendor data, Prepare the Line List, Prepare Equipment List, etc.



  • Prepare Equipment Data Sheets for Hot & Cold-Water Tanks, Plate Heat Exchangers, Cooling water circulation pumps, Vessels etc. Piping Material specification, Equipment Layout Plan, Update the Plot Plan, Piping G.A Drawings, Piping Isometrics, Pipe Support Details, Piping Tie-in Details, Piping MTO, Design Calculations, Incorporation of Vendor Data

Civil & Structural

  • Pipe Support G.A Drawings, Platform and Ladder drawings, Equipment Foundation/Installation drawings, Bill of Materials