Engineering study for Assessment of materials for Acid Gas compressor unit for Bunduq CCP at Arabian Gulf Abu Dhabi, UAE

Activity  The objective of the work is to present a suitable solution for reinstating the operation of the AGCU at CPP.

Client     Bunduq Company Limited (BCL), Abu-Dhabi, UAE.

Place     Arabian Gulf Abu-Dhabi, U.A.E.

Period   April 2011 to June 2011.



Acid Gas Compression Unit (AGCU) was designed in 2003, and with the exception of a short run in February 2011, the AGCU operation has been suspended since 2006 due to concerns about the safety of the operation due to corrosion &stress cracking observed in equipments due to chloride content in the fluids.


The desktop study included following:

  • Identify the materials of construction of each equipment item/pipe stream
  • Review the combination of fluid, operational conditions and material for each item of equipment and pipe stream to assess the suitability of the materials selection for each case.
  • If the current materials are not considered suitable then the main cause will be highlighted for each equipment item/pipe stream and mitigation measures will be proposed.
  • Assess the feasibility of using carbon steel (CS) for some components.
  • Discuss findings, drawing on relevant examples from industry and relevant codes and specifications. Depending on the findings, assess alternative approaches for continued operability, suggesting alternative solutions if applicable.
  • Preparation of the Study Report
  • Presentation at Client/company office in Abu-Dhabi. The concise report included a brief summary of the methodology, together with documentation of input parameters and assumptions. The report focused on providing cost effective, safe and reliable solutions, giving due consideration for lifetime operation. Clear recommendations, with alternatives if any, were given.
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