Activity : Engineering Study & Design for S3 Water Flowline
Client : Hunt Oil Company through Petroweld
Place Kurdistan, Iraq
Period May 2019 - October 2019

HUNT OIL COMPANY (HOC) intends to install a water injection flowline from the existing Pump Station at location PF1 to the existing Water storage Tank at location S3. The general route of the proposed S3 flowline will be, starting from PF1 Pump Station, passing through S1 and S2 access road to the Storage Tank at S3.

The location of the field is Simrit in Kurdistan region of Iraq and the approximate length of Water Injection Flow line is 13 KM.

The project objective is to carry out an Engineering Study & Design for Procurement & Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of the of the 6" Soluforce M570 GT flow line which run from the Pump Station at PF1 to the Water Storage Tank located at S3, for onward supply of Produced Water for injection into production wells.

The objective of Engineering Study & Design involved the following:

  • Evaluate and recommend 6" Soluforce M570 GT flow line to be used for its capacity, Length & Fittings needed.
  • Evaluate Mid-Line requirements such as Safety Block Valve/Isolation Valves, Pressure reduction Station (s) etc.
  • SOW for installation of the flow line.
  • Requirement of Transfer Pumps (n+1), Study possibility of using existing re-run pumps, requirement of filters and other items if any.
  • Requirements at location S3 for Tie-in of the flow line to the Water Storage tank, requirement of filters and any other items