Abu Dhabi Oil Company (ADOC) Japan operating three oil fields including MUB, AR and G A field.

Activity FEED & Detailed Engineering for Installation of 2Nos New R.O Units at Mubarraz Island
Place Abu-Dhabi, U.A.E.
Period Sep'2014 - June 2015


Abu Dhabi Oil Company (ADOC) Japan operating three oil fields including MUB, AR and G A field. At Mubarraz island, at approx. 100 KM North-West of Abu Dhabi, main process and accommodation facilities are located. In order to meet future water requirements for process and accommodation needs, ADOC intends to install additional two new R.O units. Existing total capacity of R.O units is 1000 m3/day.

Scope of work

  • Site Survey and Data Collection
  • Design Basis Report
  • Detailed Engineering


  • Hydraulic & Line sizing calculation, Equipment sizing calculation report, Adequacy check calculation for vents on the Product Water Tanks.
  • Process Data Sheets for Equipment, Equipment list.
  • PFD and P&ID update and demolition P&IDs, Pipeline Designation Table (Line List).
  • Process Data Sheet for field Instruments, ON/OFF valves, Tie-in philosophy and Schedule
  • Alarm and trip philosophy & Preparation of Scope of work for EPC Contract


  • Study report on adequacy check of the existing MGPS system to cater to the new operating scenario.
  • Study report on alternative location for the suction strainer for the Feed Water Pump.
  • Data Sheet for new Feed Water Pump, Overhead Bridge Crane, and Settling Tank.
  • Overhead Bridge Crane layout drawings, Material Requisition for Feed Water Pump, Overhead Bridge Crane and Settling Tank.
  • Input to Constructability Report, Input to R O Shelter demolition procedure


  • Piping specifications and data sheets for new piping materials such as valves etc.
  • Piping Layout Plan and Piping G.A's to meet project requirements. This will also include construct/demolish piping as applicable.
  • Providing required load input for structural design of pipe supports / pipe racks.
  • Verify the location of the tie-ins and prepare tie-in philosophy and design for those tie-ins which required shutdown of the existing system.
  • Identify Stress Critical Lines ( if any) and carryout the Stress Analysis using CAESAR II Software (if necessary).
  • Piping Isometric drawings, Piping MTO, Valve list etc.
  • Constructability Report, Demolition drgs, Engineering Specifications
  • Civil & Structural

    • Adequacy check of new jetty to install one additional Feed Water Pump
    • Design calculations for Equipment foundations, Pipe supports and Sleepers.
    • Design Calculation for R.O Shelter (including the 3D model), Electrical roomand Chemical storage room. With structural steel construction for R.O Shelter and PEB structure( Pre-engineered Building) for Electrical Room and Chemical Storage Room. ADOC to advise whether Pre-Engineered Structure can be considered for R.O shelter also.
    • Structural drawings for new R.O Shelter.
    • G A for Electrical Room and Chemical Storage Room. Structural drawings for Pipe supports.
    • Foundation drawings and scope drawings for Electrical Room and Chemical storage Room.
    • Foundation drawings for new Feed Water Pump.
    • Existing R.O Shelter demolition procedure and demolition drgs.


    • Revision to existing MCC room layout drawings to include inverter panels.
    • Power & Control cable design and selection
    • Grounding/Earthing system design and selection, Cable route layout and design.
    • R.O Shelter, Electrical room (for new R.O Unit) and Chemical storage room Lighting system and layout design.
    • Load calculation and selection protection ratings for the existing Electrical room.
    • Bill of Materials , Input to Constructability Report, Input to R O Shelter demolition procedure


    • Technical Specification for PLC system, Instrument Specifications.
    • Instrument Cable Layout and Schedule, Hook up and Loop diagrams.
    • Martial requisition for Instrument items, Operating & Control Philosophy for auto start & stop of the R.O units and remote monitoring of the new R.O units.
    • Instrumentation Termination drgs, Instrumentation MTO.
    • Input to Constructability Report, Input to R O Shelter demolition procedure.