Mooring Analysis Design for M/s Dolphin Offshore on behalf of L&T and ONGCL for MHN Pipeline Removal Project, India

Activity  Mooring Analysis Design for Barge MASHEH.

Client     Dolphin Offshore Enterprises (India) Ltd.

Place     Bombay offshore, India.

Place     April 2010 to October 2010.


As a part of Bombay offshore oil field development program, ONGCL required Subsea Pipeline line removal from MHN platform at Bombay High North having a water depth above 72 meter and 200 km off west cost of Mumbai, India.

For subsea Pipelines replacement engineering activities, MR Vision Pipelines provided the Mooring analysis using Ultramarine program “MOSES” software for minimum 8 numbers of locations. Being one of the oldest offshore oil field in India MHN is fully crowed with subsea assets, Mooring analysis 15m close to the platform for removal of Pipeline Riser section was the challenging task which we successfully carried out, got approved from MWS and clients for positioning the Barge.


The engineering activities included the following analysis:

•             Maximum Line Tension

•             Length of Catinery& Anchor Uplift.

•             Vessel Excursions.

•             Line Pretensions & Winch Runs.

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