Providing Integrity Engineer Consultancy Services

Activity  Hiring of Facility Integrity Engineer (FIE) On Temporary Basis to Bunduq.

Client     Bunduq Company Limited (BCL), Abu-Dhabi, UAE.

Place     Arabian Gulf Abu-Dhabi, U.A.E.

Period   Dec 2014 to June 2015





•             Facility Integrity Engineer gives work directions to contractors up to Engineer's level.

•             Provides back-up/support/investigation of various problems and advice to operation and maintenance group on conditions of Bunduq offshore complex including topsides and sub-sea facility systems to ensure engineering integrity and that such equipment is maintained in good serviceable condition.

•             Inspect all new plants, expansion of offshore facility and equipment received in Abu Dhabi to be installed in offshore or received from offshore for repair/manufacturing.

•             Assess safe working life durability of such plant and equipment.