RAVVA Offshore Project – Four Segments of Additional Subsea Pipeline Project, CAIRN energy, India: Installation Engineering

Activity  Provided Consultancy Services for the Engineering Review of Installation Contractor’s Complete Activities.

Client     CAIRN ENERGY INDIA (Pty) Limited. New-Delhi, INDIA.

Place     Ravva Offshore Field, Andhra-Pradesh, East Coast of INDIA.

Place     November 2007 to May-2008


In Ravva offshore Oil field (located off the east coast of India approximately 400km north of Chennai) Cairn Energy required laying 4 segments of new subsea pipelines which run between:

1)            12” Subsea Pipeline from RD platform to RT (Ravva onshore terminal) – 11 km – oil line (Well fluid).

2)            12” Subsea Pipeline from RT (Ravva onshore terminal) to RD platform – 11 Km – water injection line.

3)            10” Subsea Pipeline from RD platform to RC platform - 6 Km - water injection line.

4)            8” Subsea Pipeline from RE platform to RF platform- 4 Km - water injection line


MR Vision Pipelines Services were hired by Cairn energy Pvt ltd, India (CEIL), to provide consultancy services for the technical review of installation contractor’s complete activities.


MR Vision Pipelines Services included the following but not limited to:

•             Review of various technical documents & procedures submitted by installation Contractors.

•             Assisting Company in supervision of various activities like offshore survey, Subsea pipeline installation etc.

•             On board as client rep. during Offshore Survey & Offshore Pipeline laying operations.

•             Attending various meetings along with Company’s representative in engineering discussions in India or abroad.


Provided value added services for lowering the pipeline laid on surface into the 2m trench near the beach wave breaking area.

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