Residual Engineering for Construction of Plant Modification Project PMP 736, PMP76 and PMP 790 at Ruwais for Borouge

Activity  To carry-out Residual Engineering for Construction of plant modification project PMP 736,768 & 790.

Client     BOROUGE Thro GOGAS

Place     Abu-Dhabi, U.A.E.

Period   14TH Jan’2015 - April'2015


Borouge management undertakes various ongoing improvements for the production and reliability in operation units of Borouge-1 and 2. Borouge intends to carry out the following modifications to the existing facilities.


OL- 736:  To divert/Partially PO off gas to EU2 as it is in EU1

OL-768:   Additional 10” cooling water supply and return lines are to be provided to EU2 boiler from B1        U&O as back up.

OL-790:   Interconnection 20% Fresh Caustic from U & O2 and U & O.



Residual engineering envisaged are listed below.


•   Verification for any conflicts between specifications, engineering drawings and codes & standards.

•   Verification of the design drawings and documents for contradictions if any.

•   Site survey to review the existing facilities in order to collect and verify on-site all relevant data, documents, as built drawings, physically check, take necessary measurements, constructability.

•   As-built existing facilities if existing installation details are not available Residual field construction engineering