Sea Fastening Design of Hydraulic Crane on Offshore Installation Vessel SMIT Nicobar for IOOC IRAN

Activity  Location of the crane on the vessel, to align the crawler with strong points on the vessel the crawler will have to be either stowed transversely or Longitudinally.

Client     Marine Engineering Diving Services (MEDS), Ajman, UAE for IOOC IRAN

Place     Sharjah, UAE

Period   Completed in December 2009.


Initial Stability Assessment:

Initial Stability check has been carried out for the loading condition, the mean draft of this loading condition is at 4.80m. The vessel displacement is 3621mT.


Angle of heel for overboard lifting

Angle of heel has been checked for a 20mT load on the hook with a radius of 10m, while lifting over the port side. The angle of heel is 1.73 deg due to this lift and max draft port side is 5.2m, compared to summer draft of 5.60m.


Sea fastening loads

Sea fastening loads on the crane is estimated using default motion criteria as per Nobel Denton Guidelines for marine transportation


Design of stoppers

The two transverse stoppers have to take a load of 35.5mT each & longitudinal stoppers have to take a load of 18.4mT each.

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