Stress Analysis for 4 Nos 19 KM Causeway Pipelines

Activity  To carry-out Stress Analysis for 4 No’s of Causeway Pipelines

Client     Abu Dhabi Oil Company Ltd (JAPAN)

Place     Abu-Dhabi, U.A.E.

Period   Dec’2014 - Jan’ 2015

ADOC intends to carryout Stress Analysis for the following Causeway pipelines.


No          Line Description                                 Size inches & Sch.            Length M

1.            Sour Gas Pipeline                                   18” Sch.80                    19,000

2.            L.P Fuel Gas Pipeline                             12” Sch. XS                   19,000

3.            High Pressure Fuel Gas Pipeline            10” Sch. 80                   19,000

4.            Sweet Gas Injection Pipeline                   6” Sch. XXS                   8,000


Stress Analysis for Static Conditions carried out for the four (4) Gas transfer lines listed in Section 1.0 above. Stress Analysis for Dynamic conditions not included.

The pipeline stress analysis is to ensure that pipeline system is safe, practical and reliable through their entire lifetime from Installation, Testing to operation while maintaining the requirements of the relevant codes, standards and regulations.

The pipeline will be analyzed for both operational and hydrotest conditions and load combinations with the following loadings applied.

-              Pressure and temperature

-              Self weight and contents

-              End displacement from connecting pipeline section or anchorage force

-              Soil displacements at road crossing

-              Bed reaction due to settlement load

-              Traffic and soil loads.

The analysis will model route profiles and soil conditions & will be performed using Caesar II.

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