Stress Analysis of GRE piping between GSP and CCP

Activity  To carry out Stress analysis of GRE piping between GSP and CCP Platforms

Client     Bunduq Company Limited (BCL), Abu-Dhabi, UAE.

Place     Arabian Gulf Abu-Dhabi, U.A.E.

Period   March 2013 – April 2013



The Objectives of this project is to carry out Stress analysis on 4” GRE piping between GSP to CCP including Piping on Bridge using CAESAR II software and thereby recommend for pipe supports if required.


Stress Analysis

  1. To compute the sum of longitudinal stress in the above piping system due to pressure, weight, sustained loads (SL) and occasional loads (wind loads) which shall not exceed the basic allowable stress at design metal temperature during displacement cycle (Sh).
  2. To compute the displacement stress range for the above piping system which shall not exceed the allowable displacement stress range as defined by ASME B31.3. To compute reaction on supports.
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