Design Verification for Hail Development- Full Field Development Pre-FEED

Activity  Technical / Design Verification of Pre-FEED for Hail Full Field Development Project

Client     Abu Dhabi Oil Company (JAPAN) (ADOC) through Cosmo Engineering Co., Ltd - Abu Dhabi, UAE

Place     Abu Dhabi

Period   Aug’2017-October 2017


The FFD Project envisage following facilities;


Gas-lift Compressor Unit, Dehydration Unit, Piping for Production Separator/MEA to Compressor Unit, Gas Compressor Unit to the inlet of Lift-Gas Pipeline (8”) including Pig-Launcher, outlet of Lift-Gas Pipeline (8”) including Pig-Receiver, Header and lift gas line to each X-mas Tree for Hail Development, Flare System, Fire Fighting Equipment, Associated Utility Unit, Power Supply Facilities and auxiliary facilities such as lighting, fence, etc.