Detailed Engineering Services for Replacing the Rubber Lined Carbon Steel Piping with GRP Piping for HCL Regeneration Project at Das Island

Activity  Detailed Engineering Works for Replacing the Rubber Lined Carbon Steel Piping with GRP Piping for HCL Regeneration Project at Das Island

Client     ADNOC Gas Liquefaction Company (ADNOC-LNG) through TARGET Engineering

Place     Abu-Dhabi, U.A.E.

Period   Jan– May. 2019


ADNOC LNG owns and operates LNG Plants on Das Island, U.A.E. The LNG plants are provided with HCL (hydrochloric acid) regeneration system.  Presently, the HCL regeneration system is provided with rubber lined carbon steel piping. This piping is subjected to severe corrosion since bare carbon steel piping is exposed to HCL due to the damage of internal rubber lining                         provided in the piping. Also, severe external corrosion has been reported in the piping due to marine impact as HCL regeneration piping system is located closer to marine environment. Considering the above, it is required to revise the material of construction used for piping of HCL regeneration system from rubber lined carbon steel to GRP

  • Replacing the piping as highlighted in P&ID 29-AIA-3-0103-4 Rev 3, enclosed with ITT, which currently   has been provided with rubber lined carbon steel material with GRP material   according to design specifications which are enclosed with this document.
  • Submission  of  detailed   GRP piping  material   specification including  pipes, flanges,  elbows,  tees, reducers, caps, nipples,  couplings,  gaskets,  bolts  and valves  (globe /gate/check /  butterfly), that  will  be used for  replacing  the rubber  lined  carbon  steel  piping  and obtaining   approval  from  ADNOC LNG before  proceeding  with  procurement   of material.
  • Preparation of isometric drawings for GRP piping that will be installed replacing the existing rubber lined carbon steel piping, according to the specifications approved by ADNOC LNG.
  • Submission of documents related to fabrication, joining methods, installation complying to   specification enclosed   with   ITT and obtaining approval from ADNOC LNG.
  • Submission of Bonding procedure specification, Bonding   Procedure Qualification record and Bonder's qualification certificate.
  • Preparation of MTO and procurement of GRP piping as per approved isometric drawings and mobilization to Das Island.
  • Detailed engineering, procurement, fabrication and installation of new support if required for the piping as per the new isometric drawing that would be developed by contractor.
  • Procurement of structural steel, embedded parts, reinforcement steel, and connection bolts, welding consumables etc. Concrete, if required will have to be purchased from an existing batching plant in Das Island.
  • Dismantling existing rubber lined carbon steel piping, transportation to identified scrap yard as per direction from ADNOC LNG.
  • Fabrication, erection and testing of GRP piping at the existing supports or new supports as per isometric drawings.
  • Carry out tie in with existing facilities as per P&ID and isometric drawings.
  • Facilitate pre-commissioning checks by ADNOC LNG and liquidate the punch points in check list that are covered within the scope of work.
  • Provide assistance for commissioning of the new piping and complete handing over procedures of new piping to Operations.
  • The job is planned for execution during normal operation of the utility plant which includes boilers, instrument air plants and other allied facilities.
  • CONTRACTOR is required to procure material, store, fabricate, install, test the GRP piping to complete the job as per scope of work.