Structural Feasibility study of 4-legged platform(“CD-P”) for deck extension for accommodating new equipment’s (Stage 1&2)

Activity  Structural Feasibility study of 4-legged platform for accommodating new equipment

Client     Abu Dhabi Oil Company Ltd (Japan)

Place     Abu-Dhabi, U.A.E.

Period   7 sep2014 – 10th Dec’2014


•             Detailed modeling of Deck Structures with loading such as equipment, piping, etc. Include additional loading in the global model (considering various locations for new equipments on the CFP deck in consultation with Company) such that most optimal location for the new loadings in terms platform capacity will be established.

•             Issue an analysis report with preliminary structural drawings, if any required for new extension or strengthening of existing structure. 



Phase I: To perform structural feasibility study on jacket & pile foundation on 4-leg CD-P.

Phase II: To perform detail modeling of the deck structure & for additional loading feasibility study of 4-Legged production platform.

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