Cathodic Protection & Corrosion Control

M R Vision offers Cathodic Protection design engineering services, and supervision for the installation, commissioning and monitoring of galvanic sacrificial anodes or impressed cathodic protection systems to provide corrosion mitigation and control for underground or submerged structures: buried pipelines with poor/defective/aged coatings, offshore pipelines and platforms, water tank internals, jetties, water/oil separation vessels, sheet pilings, external storage tank bottoms, piers, seawater intake systems, jetties, well casings, ship hulls.

All cathodic protection works furnished by MR Vision are in accordance with AMPP (NACE), API, DNV, ISO, EN codes standards and Client’s relevant specifications, supported by professional Staff and specialists accredited by AMPP (NACE) in Cathodic Protection design, installation supervision, inspection, monitoring and troubleshooting.